Environmental Projects


The Time Exchange promotes a cleaner, greener environment and is happy to help residents make the area a better place to live.


The Time Exchange offers food growing opportunities to residents, encourages environmental activities in the local area and enables members to earn credits and learn gardening skills by working on a community garden.  Members grow healthy fresh produce, which can be “purchased” for credits by all members.

We currently have three ongoing projects – Street Planters, our Food Growing Project, and a community garden in Nuns Moor Park.  See below for more information on all of our projects.

We would welcome anyone who would like to come along and help with any of our projects and learn more about gardening.


For the past 16 years the Time Exchange has worked with local residents to improve the street planters in the Arthurs Hill terraces.  There are over 100 street planters in the local area which the Time Exchange looks after.  Time Exchange members can earn credits for every hour volunteered.  We run regular sessions working on street planters which include weeding, litter picking and replacing plants and shrubs.  If you’d like to get involved please contact the Time Exchange for more information.


We can also support local residents who would be interested in adopting a planter near their home.  The Time Exchange can provide advice, information and access to tools and plants.  If you’re interested in adopting a street planter, please contact the Time Exchange to arrange to speak to Helen, our gardener.


The Time Exchange runs a Food Growing Project for local residents, in conjunction with Greening Wingrove, to help encourage people to think about their outdoor environment differently.  Helen, the Time Exchange gardener, can provide one-to-one advice, guidance and information about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables, as well as advising on what plants are good for attracting bees and butterflies.  We send out a regular plant and seeds list on email and run frequent events and activities encouraging local residents to grow their own food.  If you’d like to be included in this mailing, please contact the Time Exchange.


The Time Exchange is working in partnership with Greening Wingrove and several other local groups to transform a disused bowling green in Nuns Moor Park into a community space and garden, with lots going on for the local community.

The garden includes food growing sessions, a gathering space, flowers, a clay pizza oven and wildlife habitats.  It has been designed to be a living, evolving project that anyone can contribute to along the way.  There are gardeners on site at various times so that people can get involved, enjoy the space and learn about organic and sustainable gardening.

The Time Exchange runs twice weekly gardening sessions in the Bike Garden.  If you’d like to get involved, please contact the Time Exchange for more information and to find out when Helen will be in the garden.

Click here to check out the Bike Garden Facebook page for updates:

To book the garden for a private party email: gw.bikegarden@gmail.com

Contact the Time Exchange office on 0191 2450663 for more information on any of our projects