Offers & Requests


  • Lynne is offering some oven cleaner.
  • The Time Exchange has a sewing machine available for use in the office. We also have a pump for any flat tyres!
  • The Time Exchange has some washable face masks on offer (made by members)
  • Helen has some wool on offer
  • Lin is offering a double airbed and a Roberts FM/DAB radio (faulty).


  • The Time Exchange is looking for a wheelbarrow and some cotton fabric (for making masks)
  • Jill would like some knitting patterns for children’s cloths or toys.
  • Taymar is looking for donations of  old jeans, fabrics, toy stuffing, cushion filler and old lampshades,
  • Sarah and Jusna would like office chair.
  • Tyrone would like a microwave, a Sony PS3 and some ladders, preferably telescopic.

Time Exchange members interested in any of the goods on offer or wanting to donate items should call us on 0191 245 0663 or 0191 245 3814. Please do not bring items to the Time Exchange unannounced, as we do not have a lot of storage space. Many thanks.