Offers & Requests


  • Farah is offering a selection of kitchen pots, pans and a wok.
  • Lynne has a desk on offer.
  • Geoff is offering a desk lamp.
  • Lynne is offering a selection of art materials, professional drawing book, wool and some embroidery transfers.
  • The Time Exchange has the following items on offer:
    • 3 large office style desks.
    • Chutney, chilli jam and wildflower seeds.
    • Gardeners World and Women’s Institute magazines.
    • Various sized plates, slightly chipped, but would be good for plant pot stands or craft projects.
    • Campervan shaped teapot.
    • De-icer spray, some Tipp-ex, a hosepipe spray attachment.
    • Ring-binder and lever-arch files.
  • The Time Exchange can loan out the following equipment to members for credits:
  • Litter pickers, we can also give you some thick black bags.
  • Gardening tools.
  • Sack truck/barrow.


  • Farah is looking for donations of old saris.
  • We are looking for design ideas to transform our back yard into a welcoming outdoor space for members. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions?
  • Taymar is looking for some gardening hand tools for Elswick Park volunteer days.


Time Exchange members interested in any of the goods on offer or wanting to donate items should call us on 0191 245 0663. Please do not bring items to the Time Exchange unannounced, as we do not have a lot of storage space. Many thanks.