Offers & Requests

Geoff is looking for a kitchen stool, medium height

Farah would like a hot water bottle

Jacqui has a Romer child’s stage 2 car seat with harness (for 2 years plus) on offer.

Anna is looking for 2 baby gates and a lawnmower.

Lynne has a 10,000mAh Solar Power Bank 2 USB portable charger for phone/ipad/gopro UK on offer.

Kavita is offering a bathroom cabinet, two towel rails and a toilet roll holder.

Helen has the following on offer: an exercise ball, pirate novelty candles, burger press, scissors, towel rail, ruler, mop head, gel insoles size 3.5-6.5, shower organiser and some carpet.

Tyrone would like to do a car boot sale, if anybody is interested in teaming up with him please get in touch.

Shamaila has a DVD/Casette player on offer.

The Time Exchange has a sewing machine available for use in the office.  We also have a pump for any flat tyres.

Marc has a large TV, 2 floor lamps, an under stairs shelving unit and an exercise bench on offer.

Farah has 2 BT phones, a marble run, a kids pop-up tent and a shower curtain on offer.

Theresa has some polystyrene bean bag filler on offer.

Jusna has a Sasung Galaxy Note 3 phone case & screen covers on offer

The Time Exchange has a kettle, 2 sky boxes & remotes, an electronic chess game, a 24 hour plug timer, some photo print paper and a Fujifilm 35mm camera on offer.

Rachel & Avi are looking for gardening shoes, sizes 6 & 9.

Sarah would like some coat hooks and is looking for regular beginner German lessons.

Tyrone would like an arm chair, a cooker, a washing machine, a Sony PS3 and a dining table & chairs.

We have weekly requests for ironing, car lifts and shopping from town

Time Exchange has a number of cookery and gardening books available

Time Exchange members interested in any of the goods on offer or wanting to donate items should call us on 0191 245 0663 or 0191 245 3814. Please do not bring items to the Time Exchange unannounced, as we do not have a lot of storage space. Many thanks.