Offers & Requests

Rachel would like some soup bowls

Shanaz would like a vacuum cleaner

Berta is looking for glass jars with lids

One of our members would like a pressure washer

Lynne has some blind baking beans and a corkscrew/bottle opener on offer

Samitra has a lawnmower on offer

Jeanette would like various household items including pots & pans, utensils, wall clock, TV stand, an electric fire & rugs for her new home

John has a single bed, mattress and duvet on offer

Jo would like the use of a freezer temporarily, and some vacuum sealed bags and plastic boxes with lids

Pat & Michael would like any shrubs, particularly those that are bee and butterfly friendly

Rezbi has a single bed frame and mattress on offer

Charlie has some mens short-sleeved shirts on offer (size medium) and would like a small wardrobe

Farah is offering some children’s toys and games, plastic plant pots and hanging baskets, and a childs outdoor camping chair

The Time Exchange has a selection of electronic items on offer – a brand new BT Business Hub complete with all cables, a fax machine and an electronic tap timer

We have weekly requests for ironing, car lifts and shopping from town

Time Exchange has a number of cookery and gardening books available

We have a request for a freezer

Time Exchange members interested in any of the goods on offer or wanting to donate items should call us on 0191 245 0663 or 0191 245 3814. Please do not bring items to the Time Exchange unannounced, as we do not have a lot of storage space. Many thanks.