Offers & Requests


  • The Time Exchange has a selection of frozen homemade vegetarian ready meals on offer, some Tippex correction fluid, a garden hose spray, Gardeners World magazines, camping & caravanning magazines, lever arch and ring binder files and mindfulness journal.
  • The Time Exchange has a sewing machine available for use in the office. We also have a pump for any flat tyres and have access to which magazines and online resources.
  • Helen has some paper craft and card making magazines
  • Lin is offering an electric rotary mower
  • Lynne is offering some tins of eco-friendly wall paint (red and cream) and some decorating tools.
  • Time Exchange has Gardeners world & camping & caravanning magazines, private eye Annual 2019, a set of bar chimes, lever arch and ring binder files and 4ft length of willow.
  • Tamara has some GCSE study guide on offer, subject include: Math Science, Physics and Catholicism and Christianity.


  • Taymar is looking for donations of  old jeans, fabrics, toy stuffing, cushion filler and old lampshades,
  •  Jusna would like office chair with arms.
  • Benni would like a battery operated radio
  • We are looking for volunteers who can grow plants on windowsills or in greenhouses and cold frames for us to plant out in the Bike Garden
  • Sarah would like a portable CD player
  • Greening Wingrove are looking for volunteers to help out at their minimarket event later this month

Time Exchange members interested in any of the goods on offer or wanting to donate items should call us on 0191 245 0663. Please do not bring items to the Time Exchange unannounced, as we do not have a lot of storage space. Many thanks.